Subjective Feminist Genealogies (SFG) stands as an ongoing curatorial project that embodies an evolving undertaking. Comprised of three chapbooks, each explores the subjective experiences, perspectives, and practices of individuals through writing and dialogue. 

Featuring works and conversations from Dorka,  Igor Chekachkov and Blue, this project signifies a space that allows individuals to speak and be heard, where they can subvert and repossess their histories and experiences. It aims to provide them with the agency to pave the way for the representation of their diasporic identities and situated knowledge.

Available to read online

Curated and edited by Ania Mroczek.

Design by Nancy Heley.

Handbound and made with support from GSA Sustainability.

Digital print, handbound with card cover

150 x 210 mm

Ⓒ 2023